Motor Housing

Part Name: Motor Housing

Customer:  Aerospace Tier 2

Location: US

Materials: 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Description:  Housing for electrical motor controlling environmental systems on aircraft

Industry: Aerospace (Commercial)

Quality Details & Requirements:

  • Bearing seats: 2 precision inline bores: +.0004”/-.0” diameter tolerance
  • .001” coaxial bores
  • ID .001” total tolerance
  • .0005” tolerance for alignment pins between housing halves

Quantity:  80 sets with yearly repeat orders

Part Size & Dimensions:

  • Diameter = 6”
  • Length = 11”

Application(s) Used:

  • 5-Axis Positioning  CNC Machining
  • Mill/Turn
  • Sinker EDM of recessed slots in large half
  • Precision Boring
  • Slotting of fins using customer form saw
  • Minor assembly –  instillation of heli-coils after plating
  • Thread Milling

Cycle Time(s):

Large Half

  • Milling and Turning, Protoypes: 5.5 hours
  • Milling and Turning, Production: 2.25 hours
  •  Sinker EDM: 1 hour

Small Half

  • Milling and Turning, Protoypes: 3.75 hours
  • Milling and Turning, Production: 1.5 hours

Engineering & Software Requirements:

  • Customer supplied STEP file
  • PDF Drawing
  • TopSolid/TopCAM for CNC programming

Special Processes:

  • Chormate Conversion (Iridite) Per MIL-C-5541 E Class 1A, light brown

 Project Milestones:

  • Multi-year project.  Work with customer from single piece prototypes to production.
  • Worked with customer on several revisions rounds
  • Original prototypes used micro tapered end mill which proved to be extremely time consuming and highly unreliable due to tool breakage.  Developed process for machining fins using custom designed form slitting saw…dramatically reducing cycle times and improving part quality.
  • GTI had to change to a different secondary processor on second production round due to poor vendor performance.  Customer was very pleased with second vendor’s performance on finish and color.  Precision diameters unaffected by chemical process with new vendor.


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