GTI Precision Component’s Engineering Expertise

At GTI, we position ourselves as partners in the design and production processes of our customers. We obsess over engineering excellence to make our customers’ parts and projects efficiently, to mitigate risk, to exceed quality requirements, and to contribute directly to a project’s success – from design, through production & to delivery.

Our engineering expertise is focused on value to our customers, in five key areas of a project:

  • Preliminary process, best practice & method assessment
  • Risk mitigation & management
  • Eliminate wasted motion, materials
  • Crash protection
  • Continuous process improvements

Along with our cultural commitment to engineering excellence, we continuously review and update our engineering technologies to deliver world-class quality and exceptional technical expertise:

  • In-house Computer Numeric Control (CNC) programming & process engineering
  • Leading edge Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software – Catia, toopSolid/TopCam & SolidWorks
  • Capable in both Model-Based Definition (MBD) & Digital Product Definition (DPD)
  • 3D Machining Simulation
  • Process Verification