GTI attends Boeing Supplier Diversity Symposium

Pat McKenna speaking at Boeing Supplier Diversity Symposium 2011

Lynnwood WA, August 20, 2011 – The Boeing Company hosted its Supplier diversity Symposium.   Company representatives from all over the United States were invited to attend this 6th annual event.  Boeing representatives from several business sectors including commercial, Military, and Space were on hand.  The symposium featured speakers  and panelists from The Boeing Company and several of its teir 1 suppliers.  The subject of these discussions coverd a wide range of subjects including Boeing’s contintued value of diversified businesses, expectations of supplier performace, industry trends and a production rate increase of a remarkable 46% over the next three years.  In addition to these presentations, Boeing organized four networking sessions so that existing and prospective suppliers could meet and exchange information.  GTI Precision Components is honered to having been invited to this event where such invaluable information was disseminated.   At no other event could we have learned so much about Boeing’s current and future envolvement with small and diverse businesses





GTI Takes Delivery of New Wire EDM Machine

GTI EDM Agie Charmilles Cut-200On June 30th, 2011, GTI Precision Components took delivery of  a new Charmilles Cut 200 wire EDM.   The Cut 200 will replace our 17 year old Charmilles Robofil 310.